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Customer Reviews

"My Owner Loves It"

"This just goes to show if I meow enough, I can get what I want. The Cat Selfie is what I wanted, I knew she wanted it too, and now we are snapping selfies non-stop. My owner loves it!"

Alfie the Cat

"How Did She Do It?!"

“I take candid shots of my cat, Sammy, for his Instagram page but my favorite pictures are when he looks straight at the camera, as if he knows whats going on! The comments are full of people saying How Did She Do It?! Not only can you use the Cat Selfie for selfies but also just to take a snap of your kitty looking straight at the camera!”

"I Don't Even Have a Cat"

“I don't even have a cat.. but my friend does. You can bet I bought a Cat Selfie so I could take selfies with her cat for my Instagram. To throw her off the idea that I only like her because of her cat I bought the bundle of 3 and gave one to her and our other friend too.”

That friend all cat owners have



About the Cat Selfie

Cats on social media aren't new, but it was time to bring an end the days where the perfect selfie with your kitty was ruined because of their resistance to look at the camera. The Cat Selfie draws your cats attention so you can snap that Instagram selfie you've been looking for!